LEARNING THROUGH GAMEPLAYING – AN INCLUSIVE APPROACH! HABILITAS! (2020-1-PT01-KA202-078758) is a European Erasmus+ funded project whose aim is to create innovative, appropriate and accessible education resources related to the Sector of Personal Caregivers / Geriatrics that can be easily used for students, between the ages of 15 and 25, with SEN or/and with learning difficulties, by an e-learning approach. The learning resources that will be produced will build literacy and technical competences in 4 main areas:

  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Basic health care
  • Community and social intervention
  • Animation activities

The creation and subsequent gamification of these educational materials (webquests and tutorial videos recorded in elderly centres) will increase students' understanding, proactivity, motivation and commitment, as well as increase their job opportunities and bring teachers closer to new technologies.

One of the current needs of the labour market in what qualified staff is concerned is the sector of Personal Caregiver/Geriatrics Technician. It is a fact that the world’s population is ageing. On the other hand, there are many learners in VET, mainly in services sector, who have Special Needs or learning difficulties and that do not fit in the formal learning approach. They need to be prepared to integrate the labour market and answer their needs. It is thus the mission of VET schools to do this bridge and prepare all learners without exception to the current employment needs. Working with elderly people demands not only qualified people but specially caring and dedicated staff. So, this partnership is willing to help this target group integrating successfully in the labour market, enhancing their competences and skills and making them able to answer the needs of Day/Elderly Centres and, at the same time, contributing for their social and professional inclusion.

Tackling with SEN individuals and individuals with learning difficulties and enhancing their competences and skills also means fighting poverty, social exclusion, racism and discrimination, and promoting social justice and gender equality. It provides a very strong basis to improve the socio-economic situation of many disadvantage people contributing, at the same time, to the social, cultural and economic development of the community and country.

Thus, it is not only about educating people in the identified sector, but also about empowering them to attain a better life for themselves and the society as a whole.

The objective of this Project is to help transform groups of social and economic disadvantage (SEN and/or with learning difficulties students) into autonomous, useful people by providing a full range of innovative, appropriate and accessible Personal Care Assistance/Geriatrics education resources that can also be easily used in e-learning approach and to promote social inclusion and employability.