Objectives & Outcomes

The objective of this Project is to help transform groups of social and economic disadvantage (SEN and/or with learning difficulties students) into autonomous, professional people and with employability opportunities, by providing a full range of innovative, appropriate and accessible Personal Care Assistance/Geriatrics education resources that can also be easily used in e-learning approach and to promote social inclusion and employability.

The partnership will thus develop: Resources: a suite of appropriate learning resources that build literacy and technical competences related to the Sector of Personal Caregivers / Geriatrics Technician in 4 main áreas - Diet & Nutrition; Basic health care; Community and social intervention; Animation activities - for the SEN or/and Learning Difficulties VET students, to include:

  • A set of 25 micro learning courses/curricula with a gamification strategy dealing with the above mentioned Geriatrics main areas, for the development of competences in the respective professional area. It will include the e-curriculum, e-guidelines and e-contents.
  • A collection of 25 themed tutorial videos for each selected theme, will be produced and upload in Youtube and for viewing and use in the class or at home;
  • A compendium of 25 inclusive web-quest challenge-based educational resources;
  • A Bespoke Platform with a gamification methodology based on objectives and learning results achievement. It will be also developed and populated with all the innovative learning resources mentioned in the previous outputs.