The Project LEARNING THROUGH GAMES - an inclusive approach! (HABILITAS) results from the partnership between 6 entities: AEVA - Associação para a Educação e Valorização da Região de Aveiro, IASIS, Instituto de Formación Profesional Superior Iurreta GLHBI, AKADEMIA PEDAGOGIKI SPECJALNEJ IM.MARII GRZEGORZEWSKIEJ, The Little Wren Ltd and Edubox SA.

AEVA - Associação para a Educação e Valorização da Região de Aveiro

AEVA is a non profit organization divided in 'Satellites’ that act among themselves and by themselves in order to satisfy their customers, be it a student, a family, a volunteer, the community, an institutional partner or any other stakeholder, providing solutions in areas such as (re)Qualification, Knowledge Transfer, Social Innovation and care and also at the level of technology, information and communication. It owns a vocational school, founded in 1992, with about 750 students attending different technological curricula.

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Contact person: Ana Ribeiro -


Non - Profit Organization IASIS was founded in 2005 and is active in the field of Social Inclusion, Mental Health, and Education. The total number of beneficiaries of the organization has been estimated at more than 500,000 people since 2006. IASIS NGO has been providing support to anyone in need for 15 years, including:

  • People with mental disabilities
  • Homeless people
  • Women victims of violence
  • Migrants and asylum seekers
  • Professionals of the Humanitarian and Educational Sector
  • Children and youngsters


Contact person: Vasilis Rafail -

Iurreta GLHBI

Iurreta GLHBI (now LHII) belongs to the Network of Integrated Vocational Training Centres of the Basque Country and is located in the same named town. It began its activity in the 1978/79 academic year and throughout these years, it has managed to become a reference centre in the area of Durango and other nearby counties by using the most advanced techniques and resources in the teaching-learning process, such as project-based learning or Internationalisation. Our main objective is to meet the needs of both companies and individuals who require our services both in the professional field and in personal development (initial and lifelong learning), adapting this training to the demands of the environment in the areas related to administration, automotive, electronics, machining and care for dependent persons.


Contact person: Marina Ealo -

The Maria Grzegorzewska University

Our University, located in Warsaw was established in 1922. In the last 100 years we have taught 35 specializations at our University, employed 2 000 academic teachers and graduated 54 000 alumni. We are audited and accredited by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. We are a member of multiple scientific associations and research networks, for instance the UniTwin UNESCO Chairs network, CREAN – the Children’s Rights European Academic Network. Among our biggest assets are highly qualified staff, diverse programs of study and improved conditions of studying (new premises as well as good quality of IT equipment). We offer various fields of studies such as: Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogy, Special Education, Social Work and Artistic Education. We provide a range of varied study opportunities including acquisition of respectful jobs which are highly demanded in the job market. Corrently we have approximately 7,000 students enrolled in both full-time and part-time study programmes. The University offers various postgraduate programmes which provide complementary qualifications.


Contact person: Mariusz Fila -

The Little Wren

The Little Wren is a domiciliary care agency which delivers care to people in their homes. We are focused on providing quality in care and care deeply about the health and wellbeing of all our clients. Currently we have 60 paid care staff and about 80 clients. All care staff undergo extensive training as required by the Care Quality Commission (The independent regulator of health and social care in England) We cover the Lancaster and South Lakeland districts of NW England. The quality assurance system used is the National system devised and monitored by the Care Quality Commission. We see the Learning through Gameplaying project as a good opportunity for the Little Wren to help further engage our clients in the concept of play, and to introduce local SEN students to working or volunteering in Care.


Contact person: David Evans -


Edubox, a spin-off from the University of Aveiro, is a technology-based and R&D company, dedicated to the personalized development and implementation of global educational solutions, both nationally and internationally. We specialize in the development of management software, mobile applications and the design of educational resources, providing consulting and professional training services.


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