Expected impact

The partnership will develop an innovative response both to the low levels of qualified answers to support elderly population and the lack of social and professional integration of SEN individuals or of those with learning difficulties, in the Geriatrics sector and the lessons that will be learned can have an impact on a wider scale.

Impact of the project on the following target groups:

A - SEN or with Learning Difficulties Students in Geriatrics/Personal Caregiver VET

The learning materials will increase their understanding & competences in the sector, their own responsibility and employability opportunities. They will increase student’s:

  • pro-activity, knowledge on real Personal Caregiver’s daily situations and tasks, according to the sector needs & demands and on new employability skills.
  • motivation
  • critical thinking, communication, problem solving & team building skills
  • understanding of the requirements of the world of work and how to be prepared to meet these requirements

Finally, the involved learners will have the opportunity to learn new approaches, get new knowledge & experience that will give them a new motivation to their self-learning, improve self-esteem, confidence as well as being given a chance to get more involved in local community.

B - VET teachers/staff & Professionals in the Geriatrics/Personal Caregiver sector:

The project seeks to better qualify workforce in the support of SEN or with Learning Difficulties students/employees. More in line with new e-technologies, methodologies and approaches, prepared for upcoming changes, becoming and helping others becoming drivers of change, more connected to other sectors and aware of new developments in their profession and in others’. Moreover, the project looks to improve links with the world of work, with different stakeholders to assist in a common approach & the development of a holistic view of health & wellbeing.

C - Participating Organizations and stakeholders

The project will consolidate inclusive tools, approaches, methodologies and knowledge in the field of Geriatrics/Personal Caregivers, providing them with a better framework of this sector and its importance for social & professional development of the target group as well as for their integration in the labour market. It will make participating organizations more inclusive and better prepared to answer all the students’ individual learning needs and strength the European cooperation in the sector. It will improve relationships and networks in order to promote their own services to students, employees and schools.

D - World of Work

The project will:

  • Improve links between employers & schools;
  • Provide a pool of potential new employees in the Geriatrics/Caregiver sector;
  • Provide employers with qualified staff;
  • Create links for a continuous learning process & sharing of knowledge and good practices.